An enforced studio day due to the snowy weather!  I know many will agree with the idea that sewing is good for the soul. 

I'd say you have to be feeling reasonably unruffled to be able to sew; if you're at sixes and sevens then it is a lot harder to even make a start.

But there is something about a basket of scraps, embroideries, vintage pieces and threads that beckons with a call to  'cheer up' and get cracking! This is the sort of small collection that I can catch sight of, out of the corner of my eye, hurrying past, but thinking 'yes, I'll get there eventually!'

This particular needlecase is, in fact, proving a bit tricky to make as I want it to incorporate a variety of eye-catching vintage fabric pieces that the front 'cover' does not even hint at.  A way of speaking about the delight of opening this particular book and making a start with sewing!