Yesterday I bought a piece of old hemp linen sheeting that had been dyed to a beautiful violet shade.  Still deciding what colour of embroidery thread to use with it, I thought to arrange some bits and pieces against it and see what turned out.

marys Orchard vintage needlecase

I included some close-ups of recent sewing.

marys orchard needlecase arbuthnott fabric

A needlecase in linen from the Vanessa Arbuthnott shop.

marys orchard patina

Some textures with worn patina - this one is the back of an old book.  The man in the charity shop was insisting on finding the rest or the book for me and looked askance when I explained I only wished the cover and 

marys orchard old book

the missing pages didn't matter.  This is the inside paper...

marys orchard jar

This is peering through a greenish glasss jar to the fabric underneath.  I liked the way it looks like splodges of paint.

marys orchard forget me not

Some forget-me-not type flowers - perhaps 'brunnera'..?

marys orchard fritillary

A snakes head fritillary, still beautiful in its dying phase.  The purple chequered flower has turned to parchment and the leaves have curled.

marys orchard green heart leaves

Back to life!  Spring green, pretty heart-shaped leaves on this delicate plant.  As they mature, they become more veined with reddish tinges.

marys orchard white jug

So, I should be all set up for some sewing inspirations after a few chores and a decent walk.  Working with images is fun, but does tend to mean too much screen time!